contact; so you decided to press legal charges?


You can always contact me at this default email addresss: extremejoseph at hotmail dot com! Of course if you also want to give me a phone call every now and then my phone is 817-262-2232. Have fun! I don't know why you would ever call me... I just wanted you to know that I actually have a phone! Yeah! That's rght! I have a phone! I will use it if I have to! Don't ever get on my bad side either. I have tomahawk missiles that have your name, number, and email address on it!

Mailing Address:

Joseph Hardee
PO Box 820 #54
Groton, CT 06340

That is, if you want to send me any Ragnarok merchandise.


I___ _am___ _well_ pro___tect___ed!