characters; a quick run-down of characters in Ragnarok.


Here are the characters you will find in Ragnarok. After this overview is the info about them.


Acolyte - He carries Bibles and is basically a crazy guy who randomly casts blessings.

Alchemists - They have Parkinson's Diesease. Can't keep a dang thing steady.

Archer - They think they are so tough.

Assasin - They have tails and cat ears. Strange, I don't remember cats being silent killers!

Assasin Cross - This guy is bad-apples! You watch out!

Bard - They aren't sure if they're instrument is straight... YEAH GOOD JOB!

Black Smith - They usually have lice... and you can't just kill them with an attack.

This guy's not a character. He is just some smart looking guy trying to entice you to buy his insurance policy.

Crusader - They can barely breathe. Look at all that equip, you'll get tired of living after a while.

Dancer - They catch the flu. You must watch out for the flu.

High Priest - She'll be your heal slave forever until you get tired of living.

Hunter - Something is always biting their neck. They seem to also sleep over at a black smith's house... They probably have the lice biting on the neck.

Knight - They don't have pockets for their hands to go in to strike a cool pose, so that's why they are only half cool.

Lord Knight - The lord of all the knights. He let's other knights flip his special token.

Mage - They like to visit parks and expose themselves. Never become friends with one.

Merchant - These guys sell stuff. They can buy stuff too! But every character can buy stuff... except knights... They don't like to spend their token.

Monk - They are happy and they show it so you can know it.

Priest - You can bet this guy sleeps with novices.

Rouge - They rather play other games. Because of this they are kids at heart and must be on the look out for priests.

Sage - Sages sometimes can develop glaucoma.

Swordsman - Big, bad, husky men! They tend to roll in the zeny with their fine product of paper towels.

Theif - Always trying to look innocent! I am on to you!

Wizard - Just as worse as a mage and priest put together. Though, they say it's because they are cold, don't believe them!

Dancing Lady - Dance on!