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9-09-05 - 5:21 AM

-Arg! Hey people! How is it going? I hope you are feeling wonderful! It's a great morning... for today. Thank goodness it's Friday... ok ok ok... I actually have a point to all this. Without further adieu (and sleep) here is the neeeeeewest of newest BEATS here on this wonderous website of wonderful weird music! The song is titled (for now) "Sneezing Bees in Trees" I hope you hate it! Because... it would be a first. You would feel sooo special! ^____^ -- More?


-I guess I could end this month with a new song? Eh? How about it? You up to it? Anyway, this new song is one of the very few that actually represent my feelings... *sigh* I know... I know... But what are you going to do? NOTHING! That's right! Nothing because you are nothing! Now get to listening! "Something You Want."
-Also, where's the nearest phone booth?


-Alright! Hey you peoples! What's going on? Have a nice July 4th? No... You stink then. Celebrate the ever so great and powerful US of A or prepare to be liberated!
-Ummm, yeah new song! Let's go there now!


-Waaa hey!! New song up and going... I'd like to take you there... It is called "Calc 1+1". I guess kind of a love song, but in a very obsessive way, where, I guess, the guy is trying to calculate how exactly things can work out between him and some love of his. BUT you have to interpret that for yourself. It was a new kind of style of music for me. Sounds like a rave.... and also made for multiple choruses... well I mean they repeat, and just three verses with the same repeating rhythm of music or theme. I like it. It is like up there with my favorite, Two Pens.
-ALSO! I have added more lyrics (soon to be songs!), so do not forget to check them out!
-Good night!


It's my birthday today... and so I made a song about it... I sang because that's how lonely I was on my birthday... Hah! No seriously this is a joke. Please do not listen if your ears cannot stand crap. And please please laugh... I laughed too, very much. I can't believe I made this instead of doing the much needed completed homework.


Hey welcome people welcome to the new layout of my music website! I like it a bit better. More simplier and clean. No more clutter! Sorry to say though no new music despite new face lift. Enjoy yourselves!